• HD90x40-2S
  • HD90x40-2S
  • HD90x40-2S
  • HD90x40-2S
  • HD90x40-2S
  • Size: 40 x 90 x 2200 (mm) or length could be customized.
  • Color: Dark Grey, Coffee, Wood, Red Brown,.. or any color could be customized.
  • Weight: 2.2 kgs/md
  • Materials: Wood Plastic Composite


Dark Grey
Red Brown
Theo yêu cầu của KH

Application: Canopy, Pegolar, Fence, Balcon, v.v… Outdoor decoration

– Beautiful shape, texture like natural wood, non-toxic

– High durability, impact resistance due to high pressure extrusion 1.4MPa

– Environmentally friendly, helping to save forest resources

– Ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, from -40 ° C to 65 ° C

– Ability to withstand ultraviolet rays help to stabilize color

– Resistant to high humidity, termites, corrosion, mold, waterproof and fireproof

– Easy installation and low labor cost

– No paint, no glue, low maintenance costs

– Feet smooth, non-slip, not cracking

– TPwood flooring is easy to install and use ordinary woodworking tools

Scope of use: Wooden flooring for swimming pool, garden, park for resort, garden villa, jetty, fence, corridor, walkway, balcon.

Manufacture: Trieu Phuong Co., Ltd

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