About us

  • We are Trieu Phuong Co., Ltd. brand-name is TPWood® specializing in producing new eco-friendly Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and WPC galvanized Hollow Steel Pipe products, main raw materials is recycle plastic and wood powder increased environmental friendliness.
  • Since 2010, under the technical support of Germany’s most prestigious plastic & wood plastic additive manufacturing group, TPWood® has pioneered the establishment of a factory to manufacture and commercialize products such as WPC decking, decorative slats, siding, wall panel and other applications to replace natural wood with diverse designs, high quality, most reasonable and stable prices, serving the domestic market and more than 07 countries in the world: USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Cambodia,…

  • Over 10 years of continuous research and development, we have proven that the outstanding stable quality, superior aesthetics and durability of TPWood® are evident through the cooporation, increasingly widespread of many class customers, many strategic partners in Vietnam and oversea when applying our products for outdoor – indoor projects … We are technically and practically professional in WPC products.

Such as: pergolas, fence, hand-rail, stair-rail, gate, frame of glass wall, frame of outdoor table or chair,… or any applications for resort, garden, park, yard, marinas, building, villa, prefab-house, pool surrounds, beach road, indoor – outdoor house decoration, etc..

Not satisfied with our results, when we have fully mastered the technology of producing Wood plastic composite according to USA & European standards, we have continued to do intensive research to be able to combine this type of material (WPC) with the metal surface through the tecnology of controlling the coefficient of expansion – shrinkage in physically reaches the optimum level to create a strong WPC material to combine with the galvanized hollow steel material such a delicate and truly perfect without any adhensives. The first of TPWood Steel was in April 2020 according to a special innovative technical process that gave a resonant quality effect in terms of aesthetics as wood – environmental friendliness, versatility – safe for users, easy to construct – extremely low maintenance costs, super strength bearing capacity, timeless durability despite all the harshest weather and environmental conditions… especially those places that are often wet, high UV light, with sea-salt steams near beach area, chemical vapors near industrial parks, where need to protect privacy and security pence against break-in, .. where wood and other materials cannot be suitable.

Thus, this is not only a special in Industrial Steel but also a new line of Green Architectural Materials for the first time appearing in Vietnam and in the world. This product allowing to replace natural wood, other materials, traditional of hollow steel, hollow inox materials and contribute to environmental protection.

  • When designing applied to practical projects such as: Pergolas, fences, hand-rails, stair-rails, gates, frames of glass wall, frames of outdoor table – chair,… or any applications for resort, garden, park, yard, building, villa, pool surrounds, beach road, etc.. TPWood Steel®  products have met all the strictest requirements of Investors in terms of aesthetics and luxury as natural wood, durability and bearing capacity like steel without having to paint or shine like stainless steel, easy to install with common tools and cheap labor costs, minimizing maintenance costs and easy cleaning, life-time is over 25 years… so that after the project is completed, the investor only has to enjoy it, not serve it every year. With our professional team, we assure customers of the stylish design, high quality standard and reasonable price.

TPWood Steel® (WPC Galvanized Hollow Steel Pipe – Wood Steel or WS.) has shown the universal and versatility in materials, this is a unique technological innovation for the future. When you are seen its, you will be feel its full worth. The copy-right of our products had been protected under Decision No: 20428w/QD-SHTT certified by the Intellectual Property Department under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.

  • Quality and customer satisfaction are highly valued in our company. Our friendly, honest and dedicated staff has the knowledge required to help you find the right product for your needs and to make sure that your order is processed correctly. With a professional team of Trieu Phuong’s engineers and customer service. We are not only professional in our own products, we are also able to customize the specifically designed products according to your requirements.
  • Trieu Phuong Co., Ltd is an enterprise that you can truly trust in!